Planet Zogg launched into earth orbit in September 2000 as an intimate after hours in a dodgy bikers bar in Sheffield in the north of england.. Dill & Greg Zogg, inspired by events from the 90s, aimed to throw a "proper" party mixing up the genres with full on cosmic visuals in a friendly fun environment and.. a decade later.. over 100 events.. 8 venues.. a record label.. gigs around the world.. a sheffield star front cover story involving the Dalai Lama.. later and Zogg is still going strong with recent multi roomed parties drawing over a thousand Zoggers!!

We'll see you the dancefloor.. and remember.. RESISTANCE IS FUTILE!!

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Fri 11 JULY: PLUG (Live & Earth)
Matilda St, Sheffield S1 4QD
11:00/06:00. Free (with invite)

Planet Zogg returns for our traditional mid summer free party knees up – where we’re let loose in the big room at the Plug. Woohooo. You know the drill, cosmic visuals, banging stuff in the main room, funky stuff in the Earth bar and just about everyone in Sheffield comes out for the night

Its free (tho donations welcome) , but you’ll need an invite (to ensure everyone is there for a party) which you can get from the Facebook page, of the plug box office. Invite everyone you’d like to be there.. and remember..