Planet Zogg launched into earth orbit in September 2000 as an intimate after hours in a dodgy bikers bar in Sheffield in the north of england.. Dill & Greg Zogg, inspired by events from the 90s, aimed to throw a "proper" party mixing up the genres with full on cosmic visuals in a friendly fun environment and.. a decade later.. over 100 events.. 8 venues.. a record label.. gigs around the world.. a sheffield star front cover story involving the Dalai Lama.. later and Zogg is still going strong with recent multi roomed parties drawing over a thousand Zoggers!!

We'll see you the dancefloor.. and remember.. RESISTANCE IS FUTILE!!

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Fri 9 Feb: The Night Kitchen, Sheffield S3 7AR

00:00/6:00. £8/10

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We’re back at the The Night Kitchen for Planet Zogg + Mango Disco Valentine’s Ball on Fri 9 Feb – cosmic tropical loving!!

In the ZOGG room we’ve got mind warping sweet loving from Re:Creationlive and direct plus the welcome return of Ed Tangent and Wiggleweaver. and in the MANGO room we’ve got tropical carnival romancing from the Mango Disco crew.

Plus all the usual cosmic trimmings, intergalactic decor, Freak Street Cafe, performers and lord knows what else!!

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