History of Planet Zogg

A long time ago in a galaxy far far away... oh sorry, wrong story... Planet Zogg actually started in the depths of one of Dill's drawers... "how so?", I hear you ask...

Well... many moons ago, around the millennium to be precise, Dill & Greg had been involved in a Sheffield party crew called Dionysus along with Gareth (Bacchus), John (JohnnyM), Ghandi, Kim, Saint and Bill (Unity Dub). Dionysus had put on various parties in and around Sheffield including a big all nighter called Destination Venus at the NMB. The night was a joint venture with Beamish & Oberon who were big on the London party circuit and wanted to do their own night, bringing the London trance techno sound and London style production to North of Watford. Destination Venus threw some amazing parties, but the nights were hard work to put on, with setting up starting at lunchtime and taking down ending well into the next morning.

Dill asked Greg if he fancied doing a small fun night that they could just turn up & play their tunes to their mates. John knew Mutley who ran Corporation, a rock club, with a little bar next door called the Otherside he was looking to develop into a small venue. A few conversations later and the plans were made for the first night. But what to call it? Dill was rummaging through his drawers (I'm sure you were wondering when we'd come to that) and found his very first ever mix tape called "Planet Zogg, the cheese and onion mix". The "Cheese & Onion mix" part was ditched and the lads had a very apt name, not too serious and a little cosmic, a name to take the galaxy by storm!

The birth of Planet Zogg (2000 - 2001)

First Zogg flyer

Saturday 9th September 2000 saw the birth of Planet Zogg at the Otherside with Dill & Greg plus Diablo, a resident at the Torture Garden as special guest (whatever happened to him?). The first party set the scene for early Zoggs with decor sneakily put up at tea time, and then when the bar full of bikers and rockers supped up at 11pm to go next door to Corp, a burst of activity to get the place space ship shape for blast off to Zogg at 11:30. It was then full throttle to 4am (get their early, we don't f*ck around warming up as one flyer succinctly put it!). The decor was by Dill and Ruth. Kim (Asura) did the visuals bringing lots and lots of TV monitors, as well as later (as the flyer pointed out) doing the cloakroom (!). The night started off small and intimate with around 60 or 70 friends and a few curious folk all getting well into the spirit of things. Despite moving on & growing as a party, that same friendly vibe has remained with Zogg down the years, probably because the night grew organically from this first friends get together ...

The next few months continued in a similar vein with Justin Swales, Refresher and DJ Fog all playing and Nick providing the quirky and cosmic flyers. But you can only go so far with just your mates turning up ... November was notable because the usual friends and family were all off doing different things and there was loads going on in Sheffield at that time. We thought Zogg would be empty, but strangely all these people we only vaguely knew, or didn't know at all, turned up - and we knew things were gonna be alright (praise the lord etc).

New Years Eve 2000/2001 saw one of the most memorable Zoggs with a special party at the Otherside. It was ticket only with last entry by 10pm, meaning by midnight and the first bars of 2001 a Space Odyssey, the place was rammed. Everyone was ready to rock, and rock they did! An epic party...

December 2000 had seen the last Destination Venus mainly due to the respectably sized regular crowd (about 400) not being enough to pay for the lavish production. With Dill & Greg able to concentrate on just one event per month, Zogg continued into 2001 with monthly parties featuring (the notorious) Lazerbill, LSDJ, OS1 (the crazy live act featuring Gordie who'd later help out with the techie stuff at Zogg), Beard and Morpheus, all playing variations on the Zogg trance techno crossover, with a good dollop of psychedelia. Around this time Greg got his first London gig down at Undertow at the old Drome along with Unity Dub who was a resident down there.

As the rolling ball developed momentum, plans were afoot for Beamish to come and play in April and to follow this with a big Bank Holiday Sunday bash at the Corporation main venue. Unfortunately the first (but sadly not the last) of many unexpected Venue problems cropped up. Corporation was forced to leave its Bank St location by 'The Man' due to Offices being built there which meant that they, and so us, were homeless...

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The Arches (2001 - 2003)

The Arches, until it closed a few years ago, was probably Sheffield's most legendary underground venue. Two railway arches, a sound system and not much else - it was one step up from a warehouse party and the all the better for it. Over the years it had had been home to many nights including Return to the Source, Spoof, Curfew, Lifemind, Remedy and of course Headcharge which ran monthly for six years. As is the way of these things, a few conversations led to an opportunity for Zogg to do the Spring Bank Holiday Sunday party there. Dill & Greg went for it. Oberon guested for the first time downstairs and upstairs Sheffield chillers Sundaze presented the Mellow Dubmarine.The Kids (slighty older division) loved it and the venue was buzzing.

Riggs who was running the Arches at this point, was in the middle of trying to re-establish the venue, liked what he saw .... So Zogg returned in July for "Zogg City" with Stelvio and Tom Fu from Undertow. A good night but numbers were down due to the summer/free party factor which led to a general plan from then on of taking a break throughout the summer months. Quiet was not a phrase you use for the September Zogg though, it was rammed with one of the largest crowds we've ever had... phew!! Come October we had a Dionysus reunion plus the first of many shows from Propulsion, (who would later move to Sheffield because of Zogg!). Upstairs things got funky with Chris Smith, who became another regular, joining Solid Sate, Spunky Junk, Mouli and JohnnyM's first club appearance. The year continued with guests from London such as Beamish, Silicon Based Life and more local talent like OS1 and Dave Atomizer.

At that point there were all nighters every weekend at the Arches with Headcharge (twice a month for a while), Havok, funky stuff on a Saturday and the odd short lived new night. But Zogg grew, developing its own crowd, with lots of the usual Arches regulars complemented with a slightly more flouro/hippy/clubbier edge to it. One of the good things about Zogg has always been the completely mixed crowd with as many dreads as girls in strappy dresses - anyone up for a party is welcome...

The first Planet Zogg Valentine's special took place in February 2002. The seasonal decor, courtesy of Dill & Ruth caught everyone imagination and Valentines has since become one of our most popular nights of the year. The music around this time continued the pumping trance/techno cross over sound with DJ's included the Riffraff gang from Leeds, with whom we've done may collaborations, E303 & Fabry from London's Antiworld, Undertow's Stelvio and our old mate Beamish. By this point Corporation had found a new multi roomed home at the Old Unit (where it remains to this day) and Zogg threw another Spring Bank Holiday bash with Tim Samsara in the main room, Bubble keeping it housey and Psychederek and co getting all psychedelic (natch) in the psy trance grotto. Zogg remained monthly at the Arches, taking a break for August and throwing a second birthday party with Beamish & Oberon. The Technosis crew visited in October and Opal made one of their first live appearances at the November Zogg. A joint Christmas party with Headcharge gave rise to the riotous ZoggCharge/Headzogg and continuing the 24 hour party people theme, Corporation hosted a Boxing Day Planet Zogg with Oberon plus funky room, plus psy room to dance off the turkey/nutroast to. Special mentions to Gina who did sterling work on the door over this period sorting out genuine mix ups but giving short shrift to blaggers!

Around this time Dill was running Probe on Saturday nights at the Lescar pub which was ideal "day after the night before" territory. Many a Friday night would eventually end up the day after (with or without sleep), drinking lots of beer and dancing to trance/techno in the pubs back room. Many were the nights that would really kick off with people dancing on the seats and generally going mental! A great, if a little hazy, time.

2003 continued pretty much as 2002 had with visits from Silicon Based Life, Beamish, Glowbones and the first of many visits from Bristol's Ripsnorter crew, for whom Greg would soon become a resident. The Arches would be flouro'd up from top to toe with funky stuff from house to dub to global grooves in the upstairs bar. Downstairs would be banging but interesting - Hyperdelic Trance techno as the phrase went, or "joining the dots from trance to techno to psy" as we later put it. This cross over sound seemed to confuse some people and Zogg regularly got accused of playing too much trance/techno/psy as well as not enough trance/techno/psy, so we must have the balance about right!

UV stalls have also always been a Zogg feature with Georgie, Pav, Haydee, Col and Sarah 'Hobgoblin' all providing UV glittery stuff over the years. Top marks to the Mushroom stall that briefly appeared (when they were legal), only to sample their own produce and proceed to give the rest away in a wave of good cheer to all! It was about this time that Oberon couldn't make a gig for the very rock n roll reason of the train conductor not letting him on at London as he had the wrong sort of saver ticket...

The summer saw an appearance from Bhaskar Dandonna from Redemption records which would eventually lead to the first Planet Zogg record. The summer of 2003 also saw Dill & Greg achieve a long term ambition of playing the main room of the Fridge in Brixton at Oberon's Midsummer Nights Dream night. Planet Zogg has always been more of an indoor party crew but Dill and Greg love to play free parties. So it was that the NTA/Zogg free party came about at a secret woodside location near Sheffield on balmy summer's nights... groovy...

Things didn't seem to be quite right come autumn 2003. The nights were still good but ... there was something going astray that we couldn't quite put our collective fingers upon. There were growing problems with the venue as well. The Arches was never the easiest place to put a party on, with an extremely laid back management style often prevailing and it's own financial challenges to face. The third birthday party saw the clubs PA still in bits on the floor 15 mins after doors should have opened... arrgghhh... it got sorted though and the night rocked with Beamish & Oberon.

We finally got around to getting some t-shirts done around this time, but in keeping with the wobbly period, they arrived back very non glow in the dark... ho hum...But the next batch seemed to do the job (and no we haven't any left!). Martin Pod and OS1 played in October at what turned out to be the last Zogg at the Arches. The internal management problems led to a call a few days before the November party to say the venue was now shut... double arrrggghhh... a frantic last minute search for a venue led to naught for November and our only ever (touch wood) cancelled party. We decided to throw our December Christmas Bash as the cosy Everyone Centre, a small community hall on Abbeydale Rd, that got well & truly fully zogged for the night! The Everyone Centre was great for a small one off - but wasn't ideal to continue with...

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.Zero gets Zogged (2004-2005)

Dalai Lama Zogg article

As seem to be the way of Zogg, an unexpected twist when things seemed bleak led to a new venue. Scotty and Adele had recently taken over the club on Matilda St formerly known as Area51 and Capitol. It didn't have the best of reputations but was a great space with an awesome sound system. The pair had been trying to turn the club around and change it image and were on the look out for credible nights. A few conversations later and Zogg was lined up for its launch in a new venue. .Zero was a great venue with a great PA, nice interior and professional management, and the first "proper" club that Zogg had been in. The first Zogg, featuring a strong local line up was a roaring success and .Zero was rammed.

The Valentines Zogg saw another large crowd with the return of the Zen Terrorists. The guitar & drum driven acid trancers had intended performing their last ever gig at the (cancelled) November Zogg, but agreed to come up and perform whenever Zogg got a new venue. The place was rammed when they came on stage and everyone went mental - we even had the head of security up on stage headbanging... Come ON!! The next month saw the release of Planet Zogg Records 001 - from Propulsion - double Come ON!!

About this time we also had one of the more unusual chapter in the Zogg tale when a slightly "dramatised for tv" story about Dill in India that John had sent to the Sheffield Star club page ended up on the Star front cover! The part about Dill doing a party in India was true, we're not too sure about the satellite link up or the Dali Lama possibly turning up though...

Zogg continued with a new lease of life at .Zero attracting some new Zoggers to the faithful, including some ex-Gatecrasher kids who were looking for something a bit beyond hands in the air trance... This period also featuring one of our quietest parties to date when Nuw Idol was booked for the second Saturday in April... great, except nobody had realised that was Easter Saturday, not a night know for its partying... 'twas still a good laugh though! Lots of good stuff around this period though, including Fabry, Pod, Ed Tangent Kristian and a rare Sheffield appearance from Pendragon's Mark Sinclair.

The summer was a good one for Zogg with Greg & Dill asked to play the new Glade Festival (on at the same time as Hallucinogen...) and JohnnyM playing the IDSpiral stage. A series of events led to a rerun of NTA v Zogg as part of the first Shefstock - an amazing big free party/festival out at Edale -a truly magical night.

The fourth birthday party featured another line up of family and friends though other commitments abroad meant that Beamish & Oberon weren't able to make it. October brought Weirdo, the man behind many of the early Zogg anthems, to .Zero for his debut Sheffield performance. Reinvigorated from their gig earlier in the year, the Zens decided to soldier on, and once more rocked .Zero in November. December brought all round diamond geeza Darren Shambhala to Zogg plus a full show from the Dangerous performance troupe. Pete and co are regular visitors to Zogg in their full costumes, but it was nice to able to feature a full show from the crew.

Into 2005 with the launch of Exit Light, Planet Zogg Records 002 from Ben Fraser and Greg Zogg; a cheeky but rocking Metallica "influenced" tune that has ended up quite a cult classic, especially with all the closet old rockers in the world of under ground dance! Nuw Idol returned for a great Valentine party and then in March we had our 50th party (!!) with a more psy orientated line up with Fabry, Liquid Ross and Jon Kenobi. Planet Zogg hosted a room at a big Tsunami benefit organised by Johnny M at the Hubs in April along with a variety of Sheffield's underground party crews. The night was a roaring success with over 900 people and raising £4000 for charity. And week later our April party had a real trip down memory lane for any old Samsara party goers with Beamish, Oberon and Darren Shambhala all making the trip up the M1 to Sheffield.

Planet Zogg did another couple of groovy parties at .Zero but numbers, and more importantly bar takings, never quite got to the level .Zero needed, especially as they were looking to expand. After many talks, we and .Zero decided to go our separate ways and unusually for club land it was all very amicable... with genuine tears and a real sense of loss..

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A rollercoaster year (2005-2006)

Fortunately .Zero had given reasonable notice that the June party would be the last one there, which gave Dill & Greg plenty of time to look for a new venue. Stars & Mayfair were two function suites above an ice rink just outside the city centre that various underground parties had been using on and off since the late 80s. While not ideal, having more than a little of Phoenix Nights about them, the two rooms had a decent capacity and party goers knew where they were. So the July Zogg was lined up for Stars & Mayfair with a strongly techno influenced line up featuring Rafael from Brazil and Sheffield's own Mobile Dogwash and Ben Fraser, plus a funky room. The night was hot, busy and a reet laff! A date for the 5th Birthday in September was lined up and everyone went on their hols.

The Glade was running for second year with JohnnyM playing the ID Spiral stage and Greg & Dill line dup to play Saturday night on the Liquid Stage. Sadly the slot was changed at the last minute, without Greg & Dill knowing and so they never played... boo... but Col & Sarah's Hobgoblin stall, a regular feature at Zogg, meant that the two ended up playing pretty much all weekend to whoever wondered in looking to buy some hippy consumer goods! Every cloud has silver lining though as Dill & Greg played later in the year on the Liquid stage at the massive multi roomed Synergy project in London. Other features of the summer included an expanded Shefstock in a new location though with a slightly less fluffy feel than the year before.

Sad news struck during the summer when a party goer tragically died at another event at Stars. The inquest brought the venue into the public spotlight and the Owners decided to stop doing club nights, reverting to weddings and 21st which had been its previous staple. Once again Zogg was without a venue.

What next?? It looked at that point that Planet Zogg had run its course and the general consensus was that if a one off venue could be found for the 5th Birthday - that would be the last party. There were no more venues and the crew had been doing monthly parties for almost six years (including Dionysus), which is long time. There was only one Sheffield venue that was free and that was the Adelphi in Attercliffe. This was a converted cinema with a great epic feel to it, but most nights never seemed to last long there. Headcharge had tried the venue when the Arches shut and only lasted a few parties due to low numbers and only Uprising the veteran happy hardcore night, seemed to manage to do well up there. But beggars cannot be choosers... So a date, the day after the original party, was hurriedly booked and a frantic labelling of flyers and postering was done to get the news over - though it was really the wonders of email, and all those hours collecting email addresses at parties, that got the news to all concerned.

Despite the date change, the line up more or less remained intact with the Zen Terrorists playing live. The night went well, though with quite possibly the most over the top security we've ever had at a night. Even DJs were having their CD decks searched and there was a wire cage outside that party goers were *very slowly* let through...Still, every one had a rocking night and there was much sadness that this could be the last Zogg. Once the dust had settled, Dill & Greg discussed things with the owner and both agreed that the Adelphi wouldn't really work as a monthly venue but would be good for one off parties. So a Christmas party was booked in featuring LAB4, regulars at Destination Venus many moons before. This party was great with most of the problems of the previous event being ironed out. Another one off was booked for Valentines in February.

Weirdo was the guest act for the 2006 Valentines Zogg which proved to be the last one at the Adelphi. A very uncooperative management led to the front doors being left open and the air con at full blast on a freezing winters night - which saw the strange sight of people dancing in their coats buy the end of the night... plus security on stage staring people out... hmmm.. we never did work out quite what had gone on there but another party like that would have been the end of Zogg and we weren't going to hang around to put it to the test...

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Zogg get Plugged in (2006 - ?)

Zogg's old home of .Zero had undergone massive changes during the summer of 2005 expanding into the shops next door to give a three roomed venue called Plug. A couple of Fridays had become available in the old .Zero room, now called Neutral, in April and May. Dill and Greg decided to give it a crack. Despite not having a second room, the Plug's sound system was great, the venue was nice and the management were good to work with. So Good Friday saw Zogg back at its old venue with a Sheffield line up featuring Mobile Dogwash and Propulsion, and what a night it was - including UV Morris Dancers 'Boggarts Breakfast' - hurrah!

The May party featured the South African act the Commercial Hippies a great booking as it turned out, their new album got rave reviews and they, or to be more precise, he, rocked! This was quite noteworthy as the trance/techno/psy cross over sound that Zogg had always championed was now coming more from psy producers than the tech trance/techno producers of a few years before, emphasised by the growing bookings for psy parties Greg & Dill were getting.

Summer 2006 was a busy one with Zogg hosting a room at Underground City in Brum, taking a trip to the Czech Republic to put a party on and lots of out of town gigs for Dill & Greg. July found Dill & Gordie running the Karma café and sound system at the first Shamania festival - which featured loads of Zogg faves and was a lovely chilled weekend. A break for a few weeks and then the sixth Birthday with old stalwarts LAB4 & Beamish... where did all the time go...?

Big shout outs to everyone who's helped over the years not already mentioned in the long & winding tale including Amy, Liz, Cean, Daz and of course our fine webfolk, Sue & Zye and everyone else who has put up and taken down decor, flyered, or just been useful. And of course, most of all, thanks to all the Zoggers who've come down and danced all night making the parties such a special event... and remember... RESISTANCE IS FUTILE!!

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Dill's "Cheese & Onion mix from Planet Zogg" kicked the whole Zogg thing off over a decade ago. After many years traveling and martial arts, Dill's love of music led to him concentrating his efforts into DJing and putting on parties first with the Atomizer Sound System, then Dionysus and onto the birth of Planet Zogg.

Dill's massive collection of tunes can brings many styles, but his main room sound is techno fused British rolling psy trance. Catch Dill play in another room, a pub, a house party, an afterhours, in a wood or up a hill and you could hear tech-house, breaks, techno, techno trance, world or just party knees up tunes!

Dill has played at parties around the world including India, Nepal, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Turkey, Czech Republic. Major festivals have included the Glade, 070707, Shamania, Shambala and Journey to Lycia. Parties guested at include Magic (Buenos Aries), Synergy, Illuminaughtie, Riffraff, Cabbage, Kulu, Ripsnorter, Antiworld, Technosis, Sunrise, Chichime, Psycle & many more including just about everything in Sheffield! Dill's other promotions include Karma All Stars, Distortion, and Chicken Shack.

As well as the sounds - Dill is also responsible for the cosmic decor at Zogg and many other parties.

dillzogg[a]yahoo.co.uk Download Dill's profile
Greg Zogg
Greg Zogg

Greg Zogg is the other half of the Zogg twins and after main years in bands, traveling and caving got into DJing in the late 90s inspired by the massive underground dance scene of the time.

Greg's trademark full throttle tech trance fused with breaks & electro has rocked dancefloors throughout the UK and beyond including Czech Republic, Poland, Thailand, Denmark and Portugal. Festival appearances include Boom, Glade, Shamania, Shambala, Bearded Theory and Alchemy. Greg has played countless parties including Synergy, Illuminaughtie, Riffraff, Cabbage, Kulu, Ripsnorter, Antiworld, Technosis, Sunrise & many more.

Recent years has seen Greg set up Planet Zogg Records and move into production with Ben Fraser (Sabretooth) with a string of releases both vinyl, cd and digital.

Greg makes up one third of DISCOTEKA fusing live guitar, drums with driving psychedelic trance techno.

Arthur Tabb is Greg's eclectic groovy tech-electro-breaks alter-ego but thats another story...

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Johnny M
Johnny M

Whilst not persuading the Kids (young & old) to go to Planet Zogg through dubious publicity techniques, designing flyers, posters, doing press, web and general publicity, JohnnyM also DJs a bit.

Chilled, funky stuff, chilled funky stuff, funky chilled stuff or any mixture thereof. From full on party 70s funk and afrobeat to proper horizontal worldy-dubby gubbins chillout tunes, you can find JohhnyM any second room/tent/field where party goers are escaping the pounding main rig beats...

Festivals appearances have included Glade, Shamania, Shambala, Journey to Lycia, Off The Tracks and Bearded Theory. Parties played at have included Kulu, Ripsnorter, Baraka, Sunrise, Cabbage and Frozac.

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Ben Fraser: Sabretooth
Ben Fraser

Sabretooth Records head honcho and a major part of the Zogg sound, Ben has been a part of the Zogg family since the early 00s. Notorious for his meticulous production, uncompromising sound and punishing live performances, Ben Fraser is a producer at the top of his game. Ben launched the Sabretooth label in 2005 as an outlet for his unique take on the underground techno and trance sound releasing as Ben Fraser, with forays into throbbing psychedelia as his Sabretooth project. 11 EPs, 2 albums and countless gigs later, he continues to draw in followers with his deep, dark, driving sound...

Ben is also one third of Discoteka, the head warping, hip shaking, dancefloor wrecking pounding cosmic disco act.

www.sabretoothrecords.com ben[a]sabretoothrecords.com
Kebba Propulsion
Kebba Propulsion

Kebba is Zogg's longest running resident first venturing up from the West Country to Sheffield in 2000 to play at Destination Venus and then Zogg. Kebba loved the Sheffield vibe so much he moved here and has been a regular at Zogg ever since with hi strade mark pounding techno-trance.

Kebba started producing seriously in 1995, initially inspired by Goa & German trance and his long standing love of music from eighties through to the electronic, rave and ambient explosion of the early nineties. Kebba has had 5 tracks released on vinyl through 3 different labels and has recently set up his own digital only label "My Reality Digital". He is slowly editing all of his old classic Live PA tracks and releasing EPs of these tunes.

Propulsion has been playing Live since 1998 and has played to up to 1800 people at nights including Escape From Samsara, Antiworld, Ripsnorter, Riff Raff, Headcharge, Technosis & Templehead.

Kebba makes up the final third of Discoteka, the world's premier sheffield based three piece live psychedelic techno trance act.

kebbajanneh[a]googlemail.com Download Kebba's profile

Discoteka is an underground supergroup composed of Greg Zogg, Ben Fraser (alias Sabretooth), and Kebba Propulsion.

According to Discoteka, anything and everything is ripe for transforming into pulsing dancefloor beasts- with sounds ranging from slick psy trance to tribal techno to deep breaks.

Discoteka's aim to is to create precision-made electronic beats and to translate them live with all the energy and raucousness of a punk rock band: Expect live drums and percussion....Expect growling live guitars and bass...Expect synth tweaks and effects to make your head spin...EXPECT MAYHEM!

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