Joining the dots from trance .. to techno .. to psy!!

Planet Zogg Records reflects the diverse influences on the zogg main dance floor, combining what we feel are some of the best elements from the peak time sound of the Planet Zogg parties.

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VA // Planet Zogg compilation: Keeping it Unreal Since 2000
Zogg Compilation cover

The Zogg dance floor soundtrack has evolved as the years have gone by from the original acid trance/techno trance sound through psychedelia and techno to its current joining of the musical dots: from techno.. to psy.. to breaks.. "Will it rock the dancefloor?" being the main criteria for any track, DJ or live act.. The music on this compilation and DJ mix represents the sounds you'll hear every month at Plug with fresh exclusive tracks from the Zogg extended family.. We hope that you'll enjoy them as much as we have.

  1. Sheldon Dearn :: Prismatic (full frontal mix)
  2. Unconscious Mind(s) :: FD Psybreaks
  3. Discoteka :: Discowreka
  4. New Model Army :: All Consuming Fire (Ben Fraser & Greg Zogg rmx)
  5. Atomgrinder :: Touched By Dr. Zogg
  6. Dejavoo :: Flying Carpet
  7. Sabretooth :: Innocent X
  8. Kebba Propulsion :: Flying Glympse Of The Universe
  9. Re:Creation :: Re:Construct 2010
All tracks mastered by Ben Fraser at Sabretooth Studios
VA // Planet Zogg 003
Zogg003 cover
  1. Kebba Propulsion :: Flying Glympse Of The Universe
  2. Ben Fraser vs Greg Zogg :: Faith Lift
Big Ben (Fraser) vs Greg Zogg // Planet Zogg 002
Zogg002 cover
  1. Big Ben (Fraser) vs Greg Zogg :: Exit Light
  2. Big Ben (Fraser) :: Manipulated Being
Propulsion // Planet Zogg 001
Zogg001 cover
  1. Kebba Propulsion :: It Is Your Destiny
  2. Kebba Propulsion :: Fragile